The Staking Defense Podcast
The Staking Defense Podcast
Episode 4 - Tegan Kline on The Graph and Crypto Values

Episode 4 - Tegan Kline on The Graph and Crypto Values


I’m feeling excited to bring you this episode of the Staking Defense podcast with Tegan Kline. Tegan handles “all things business” at The Graph.

The Graph’s Mission Control testnet has been going strong for months now. Mainnet launch is on the horizen.

The testnet’s being supported by 100’s of nodes. This feels hopeful from a decentralized perspective.

As I spoke to Tegan, it became clear that The Graph approaches their work from a “crypto-first” value set. This felt refreshing to me, as so many early staking network entrants are coming at this from a “finance-first” mindset.

Here’s what Tegan and I cover in the episode -

1 Introductions

1.1 Personal

1.2 The Graph

2 The Graph Testnet

2.1 How did it come about? What are the goals?

2.2 How were participants found and selected?

2.3 What are the participation requirements and commitments?

2.4 What the current testnet’s Indexer composition look like, e.g. small, medium, large operators?

3 Smaller Operators and Decentralization

3.1 What's the team's view on decentralization and how it relates to participant composition?

3.2 What are the long term prospects for small operators to continue supporting The Graph? (Spoiler alert…it’s not too late to start!)

I hope you enjoy this episode and come away inspired that decentralization isn’t dead 🙂

#KeepStakeDecentralized 💪



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