Oct 8, 2020 • 45M

Episode 3 - David Campbell on PoW and PoS

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Staking Defense
We talk to and about smaller, independent valdiators operating on proof of stake blockchain networks, providing them much-needed visibility to keep stake decentralized.
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It’s been a minute but we’re back with Episode #3 of The Staking Defense Podcast. I’m feeling excited that David Campbell of the Electric Coin Company joins The Staking Defense Podcast to discuss PoW and PoS, from the perspective smaller validator operator accessibility.

I first met David through my involvement as a Celo validator. He operates the Zanshin Dojo Celo validator.

David was one of the few people to reach out to me directly when my Celo validator went down.

(There were plenty of others who were happy to discuss it in the forums, without reaching out to help. But that’s another story…)

Since then, David and I have connected on a number of different perspectives. Accessibility to network participation is one of them.

Listen to this episode and hear David’s perspective on how welcoming and accessible Proof of Work and Proof of Stake networks are to smaller validators.

#KeepStakeDecentralized 💪



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