Jul 28, 2020 • 53M

Episode 2 - The Consensys/SKALE Activate Collaboration (and how it helps smaller validator operators)

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Staking Defense
We talk to and about smaller, independent valdiators operating on proof of stake blockchain networks, providing them much-needed visibility to keep stake decentralized.
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Hi 👋

Episode 2 of the Staking Defense podcast features the SKALE Labs and Consensys Activate program collaboration. The Activate program provides a number of benefits to smaller validator operators.

Done well, the program can help level the playing field between larger and smaller validator operators. In Episode 2, I discuss these benefits with Jack O'Holleran, CEO of SKALE Labs, Ebru Engwall, Director of Solutions Engineering at SKALE labs, and Collin Myers from Consensys.

We also cover these topics -

1 - Collin describing the Activate program

2 - Jack explaining why SKALE decided to use Activate

3 - Ebru and Jack discussing how SKALE views smaller operators and how they can start validating on the SKALE network (don't worry, it's not too late...!)

I hope you enjoy this episode. The program leaves me feeling hopeful that the importance of smaller validator operators isn't going unnoticed.

#KeepStakeDecentralized 💪



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