Jun 16, 2020 • 33M

Episode 1 - Ian of Secretnodes.org

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Staking Defense
We talk to and about smaller, independent valdiators operating on proof of stake blockchain networks, providing them much-needed visibility to keep stake decentralized.
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Hi 👋

I’m feeling excited to release the Staking Defense Podcast’s pilot episode. This episode features Ian, founder of Secretnodes.org.

Ian’s a very active member of the Secret Network’s (formerly Engima) community. He’s also a smaller, independent validator operator 💪

In this episode, we discuss -

  • How Ian got started validating

  • Secretnodes.org’s contribution to the Secret Network

  • Challenges he faces as a smaller, independent validator operator

  • Whether the Secret Network is welcoming to smaller, independent validator operators

Also, you’ll hear Ian reference raising a modest amount of VC funding. Since the episode was recorded, Ian informed me that he returned this funding.

I hope you enjoy this episode. Please remember that it’s a pilot episode and my first as a podcast host. I’ve already identified some areas that and benefit from improvement.

Along those lines, any and all constructive feedback is welcome!

#KeepStakeDecentralized 💪



The Staking Defense podcast is sponsored by Staking Defense and Chainflow. It’s produced by the talented Luke Griffin of the Hear Bushwick podcast, part of the Heritage Radio Network.